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Monarch Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set

Monarch Whiskey Tumbler Gift Set

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Introducing the Monarch Glass Tumblers, a set of two crystal whiskey glasses designed to redefine luxury and sustainability in barware. Crafted in Europe, these glasses pioneer eco-crystal production, harnessing renewable energy to create 100% recyclable glassware without compromising on quality.

Experience unparalleled clarity with ultraclear glass that highlights the rich hues of your favorite scotch or bourbon. These tumblers are not just visually stunning but also extraordinarily resistant to breakage, dishwasher safe for over 4,000 uses, and emit a clear, pure "ping" with every toast.

Elevate your whiskey tasting ritual with these 11.5oz tumblers, designed to accentuate the subtle flavors and balance of your drink. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as part of a speakeasy-style cocktail, the Monarch Glass Tumblers offer sophistication and style.

Presented in an elegant gold foil whiskey gift box, these glasses make an impeccable gift for any occasion, be it a special celebration or a memorable housewarming. Elevate your drinking experience with Monarch Glass Tumblers—the epitome of conscious luxury in barware.

    • Set of  2
    • Each glass holds 11.5 oz
    • Crafted in Europe 

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