Collection: Bohemian Rhapsody Collection

Introducing the Bohemian Rhapsody collection—a curated ensemble featuring meticulously handcrafted items designed to elevate your living spaces with timeless charm. Crafted by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh, each piece embodies sustainable craftsmanship and thoughtful design, celebrating the beauty of natural materials like seagrass and jute. From versatile storage baskets to elegant coasters and stylish kitchen organizers, this collection blends functionality with artisanal elegance, offering multifaceted solutions for every corner of your home. Discover the fusion of practicality and sophistication, as this collection invites you to embrace eco-conscious living without compromising on style. Experience the harmony of nature-inspired accents and ethical craftsmanship with our curated Bohemian Rhapsody collections with items by Korissa—a testament to mindful design and sustainable living.