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Cast Iron Fondue Set

Cast Iron Fondue Set

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Warm, gooey cheese and melted chocolate are treats best shared, and this fondue set has everything you need. A cast-iron pot and stand, chrome burner, and wood base provide a solid foundation, while 6 included fondue forks ensure everyone gets a dip.

Set includes:

  • Cast iron pot & stand
  • Chrome burner
  • 6 rubber wood & stainless steel forks
  • Rubber wood base plate. Cast iron pot has heat resistant enamel coated finish and is 8 in diameter -Compatible with gas and electric cooktops -Hand wash only

THE TRADITIONAL FONDUE EXPERIENCE can be yours with this rustic fondue set. Enjoy the European feel of artisanal fondue, from cheese fondue to chocolate fondue. Get everyone involved at a fondue party with this kitchen accessory.

STURDY CAST IRON fondue pot can be heated on a gas or electric stove. Cast iron pot holds and radiates heat efficiently when hot, keeping your fondue melted. Included chrome gel fuel burner can also heat the cast iron pot using the cast iron stand.

ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED, including heat resistant enamel coated cast iron pot, cast iron stand, 6 rubber wood & stainless steel forks, a rubber wood base plate, and chrome gel fuel burner. Fuel for burner not included.

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