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Acacia Salad Bowl with Servers - Large

Acacia Salad Bowl with Servers - Large

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Presenting Kalmar Home's stunning Large Acacia Wood Salad Bowl with Servers—an exquisite fusion of elegance, practicality, and natural allure. Handcrafted from premium acacia wood, revered for its durability and captivating grain patterns, this set embodies resilience against stains, odors, and moisture, ensuring enduring beauty. With its expansive capacity, this bowl offers abundant space for tossing and presenting salads, pasta dishes, or fruits—suitable for both casual gatherings and formal affairs. 

 Elevate your dining experience with Kalmar Home's Large Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Set—an embodiment of timeless beauty and functionality in every meal presentation.

  • Set includes Large bowl and servers
  • Note: Part of this product is made with love and care from acacia wood. Since every tree is unique, the item you receive may display slight variations in color and grain compared to the pictures. Don't worry, this is what makes your piece one-of-a-kind.🌳
  • If needed, wood can be gently washed by hand with warm-to-hot water and mild dish soap. Avoid abrasive cleaning products. Dry immediately. To ensure that any water absorbed by the wood evaporates, allow the piece to air-dry completely before putting it away.
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